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   Uganda Experience

In November of 2002, the Church of St. Thomas More was privileged to twin, through the diocese of Trenton, with the Parish of St. Joseph's in Katakamu, Uganda.

This twinning effort is intended to provide St. Joseph's parish, in the diocese of Kasana-Luwero, with the human resources needed for their growth as a vibrant Catholic community and in turn, allow our community to receive the spiritual benefits of their prayerful relationship with us.

Ugandan Flag

We presently sponsor 284 students in an educational program. Primary sponsorship [K-6] is $150 and secondary sponsorship [7-College] is $300. We also supply desks, school supplies and books. We help the families of the children by donating cows, piglets, goats and chickens.

We have had visits from Father Lazarus who started the educational program, and he enjoyed learning about our community, our way of life, and our country. He was able to share dinner and friendship with several of our parishioners.

We look forward to many years of being able to continue the twinning with our brothers and sisters of St. Joseph's. Father Kakooza, the new program director, was here this fall, and is very enthusiastic about our program and our plans for future projects for St. Joseph's.

Here is some more information about the start of this special relationship.

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